Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Just so you know....


Update: cortisone shot in one knee,
numb foot in same leg...HA!
Almost done...will finish TODAY!!!

That things don't go smoothly....hardly EVER in any job I do...this one is going to give me more than enough gray hairs for a year or so. The shape of the dome is football (!?!) and I should NEVER have taken it on. I hate heights, and it's a hand wrought dome with quirks and bumps that were not evident when it was one neutral color. Add to that my humanly imperfection, and a (what I thought was simple) design that requires DEAD ON CENTERING on a structure that is not perfectly set...and you have frustration to the nth degree.
I'm off today to get it right. There will be "iron" rods shooting off of the center dark design, and they must look good and straight visually.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Church mural

All images Copyrighted Cross Timbers Community Church

Just a few can get an idea of the size and it goes back farther from the bottom's about 300 linear feet...after painting it 3 times to get the paint to cover, it ended up pretty big! Design by Ryan Colon. I just painted it! :-)