Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Body

I took this image of leaves in the street and manipu-lated it. This is what came to me. We see the bright and flashy "real" colors of that which is corporeal here on the earth...but we long for the Spiritual realm...we can see the Light and the promise of it..and catch glimpses of it. We try to reach into it and grab hold, but sometimes the "real" world keeps snatching us back. The Body is really that Spirit working within our fleshly selves...that glimpse into joy and happiness that is the true, REAL realm.

I can't decide if I want it positioned this way or flip it lengthwise so the lighter part is top. I started this way because if the lighter part is up, then that makes the Spiritual realm "up there" and although I like that look....this way shows that the Spiritual realm and "our" realm coincide and interact. What do you think?

Church Mural

The upstairs at the church that I did another mural of this type on the DOWN stairs...These pictures don't include the Treehouse room...the biggest room. I'll add that in a few days. One room is the "Lake Room" and another is the "Camp Room"
All the walls in the rooms are painted.