Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Church mural

All images Copyrighted Cross Timbers Community Church

Just a few pics...you can get an idea of the size and it goes back farther from the bottom picture...it's about 300 linear feet...after painting it 3 times to get the paint to cover, it ended up pretty big! Design by Ryan Colon. I just painted it! :-)


Missy said...

I've already witnessed you as a talented artist with whimsy and an incredible eye for detail. But here I see you also have so much patience! I can't stay patient with 4 feet of wall and a roller. God bless you.

Joe said...

Wow! How much time does a project like this require? Do you create things to sell other than murals?

karen said...

Joe, this took a few days to grid out, then a couple of frustrating weeks to paint. The paint we were using was all rich, dark colors...that required painting over and over!
I keep making attempts to sell MY stuff, but I never seem to get around to making my own art...I have a bunch of God's ideas in the till. I think I'll be able to get to them in the summer.

karen said...

Missy....I HATE to base paint a wall! HATE it...and I'm not too swift at it. Bless the people of this church, they taped it all off and primed it for me! :-)