Saturday, January 27, 2007

This trompe l'oeil is on a L shaped wall in Sebastian's Closet; an upscale clothier, mostly Italian clothes and such. The owner went to Italy and took pictures, which I translated on the walls as an "entry" or "exit" onto a Tuscan landscape. The "window" on another wall is completely flat except for the ironwork. Clicking on them will probably give you a better view.
This is another view, closer of the 13' diameter faux mosaic painted floor at Mercy Wine bar. The colors aren't very true, but it's a good image...there is a "broken" pearl necklace on it, and fake cracks and breaks. This took a long time, as I could only work on Sundays. I spent those lonely days with worship music and lots of meditative prayer.

another ceiling

here's a barrel vaulted ceiling that one artist started, and I finished. The style was somewhat controlled since he had made a similar composition and color choice in the bedroom of the homeowners. I had to change the faces of the cherubs in the bedroom because the woman said they looked "demonic" and scared her! He had begun the center burst of "light" with gold here on this ceiling. Can you believe this is in a BATHROOM? The same bathroom as the blue marble columns. The center object you see is a chandelier. This ceiling is 20'x10' approximately, and 20' high at the center. My client's husband was sick of all the cherubs in the house and asked for something more masculine, so "Michael" there is oldest son was the face model for it.

previous works

Joe asked about ceilings...I've done my share, and this was challenge. I also trimmed the molding in gold, and marbleized the columns in a blue marble. The whole media room has an old '40s feel to it. The client wanted the constellations "personified" and represented...I added a moon and sun to the center. These are ancient depictions of constellations.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Reaching for Him 1

Starlight 3B

When I translate this to canvas, there will be some changes. I've been playing with it quite a bit. It's all about Him...and the fire that burns within us for Him, rising to the heavens....

Monday, January 15, 2007

new works in the works

These are some computer generated images that I have been making, I have this urge to paint just for God at this time. He has given me images and titles, and I find it faster to get them down on the computer then to fritz around with them on canvas. After doing this, I will translate them onto canvas. I hope that is successful, because I'm pleased with these as they are...but need to get my hands dirty!

Return to Eden 1

Paths of Joy

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Ceiling, faux marble columns and door

Picture of my painted cement floor; very doggie, kitty, and teen friendly. Also pics of Mercy Wine bar murals; one reproduction of a Pompeiian Venus, (I think about 16'x9 and the other some wild and crazy critters 8'x5' ish, painted to look like a faux fresco.

walls and floor

I did the homeowner's bedroom walls. They wanted a fantasy stone...not too real looking to go along with their castle motif. Also painted their dining room floor with fun fake mosaic border, pearl necklace, and broken plate. They are fun people!

Torn walls mural

This was a challenge. The homeowner wanted a landscape in the upper floor of their home, however the ceiling had some "roof" issues that you can see in the first pictures. The occupant of this office is a man, so he wanted Texas landscape...rugged and strong. She wanted Tuscany. I compromised, and both were satisfied. The walls are finished like the Alamo, very rustic with corners extra dark. Each part of the walls were just partially "torn" away, so that the landscape appears continual, and it allows for the inset of the architecture in the middle of the wallspace.

Faux mosaic floor

Close-up and photos of Mercy Wine Bar floor faux mosaic
...nearly finished...
view from upstairs. 13' in diameter. Second shot is finished with border. Colors are more true on first and last pictures.