Saturday, January 27, 2007

This trompe l'oeil is on a L shaped wall in Sebastian's Closet; an upscale clothier, mostly Italian clothes and such. The owner went to Italy and took pictures, which I translated on the walls as an "entry" or "exit" onto a Tuscan landscape. The "window" on another wall is completely flat except for the ironwork. Clicking on them will probably give you a better view.
This is another view, closer of the 13' diameter faux mosaic painted floor at Mercy Wine bar. The colors aren't very true, but it's a good image...there is a "broken" pearl necklace on it, and fake cracks and breaks. This took a long time, as I could only work on Sundays. I spent those lonely days with worship music and lots of meditative prayer.


Joe said...

Wonderful work by an untiring artist. Thank you for sharing your art as well as your faith.

karen said...

Thanks, Joe!