Monday, January 15, 2007

new works in the works

These are some computer generated images that I have been making, I have this urge to paint just for God at this time. He has given me images and titles, and I find it faster to get them down on the computer then to fritz around with them on canvas. After doing this, I will translate them onto canvas. I hope that is successful, because I'm pleased with these as they are...but need to get my hands dirty!

Return to Eden 1

Paths of Joy


Joe said...


Like your work!

What software do you use for the computer art? Do you use a drawing tablet?


karen said...

Joe---glad to hear from you! I was about to email you and check up!
No tablet yet...i want one, so does my son. Not sure I have room on my puter table!!
Thanks for the input...these are drawings, pictures, etc., scanned and manipulated on Adobe Illustrator. The ones I've thought up have other words, if I try to contrive them..doesn't work. Only the ones the HE shows me work. :-)