Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Body on canvas. . .

I haven't got the lighting right on this yet for pictures. It's so much deeper and richer on canvas in real paint. The colors and a lot of it changed. I didn't listen to any music when I worked on it, I tried to listen to Him......I'm seeing all kinds of different things in it. It's freaking me out, so I'm meditating on it. . . .
Slept on it last night (well, not literally ON it) and there is still work to do. The real one is more luminous than this depiction. This is way out of my comfort zone. . .when I do murals, or prayer boxes, I know where I am. I've never painted like this before--I'm painting from my spiritual 'gut' and it's a little uncomfortable to put this "out there" but I'm trying to gather you into the process.


Missy said...

Karen, something amazing is developing in this painting! I can't wait til you are done so I can share what I see - I don't want to interfere with the Spirit. I will just encourage you to keep going with your gut.

karen said...

Missy, I know what you mean, and it's turning out with a different message than I went in with. That God! ;-)
Everyone is seeing something different in it, but it ends up in the same vein.
I haven't touched it. Just looking, but I'm going back to it. It's almost done.
Thanks for commenting!

Anonymous said...

Hello, Karen!

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Be happy and love your spouse
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Kind regards,