Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Psalm 118:22
The stone the builders
rejected has become
the cornerstone



Missy said...

how did I miss this?

I really like it! I also love how the title would otherwise bring up very negative images - while what you have shown is an image of light and hopefullness.

And that verse. It just dawned on me that if the very BUILDERS rejected the stone, it was AGAINST their will it became the cornerstone. Interesting...

Entertain me with beauty AND make me think. You are brilliant. :)

karen said...

Well....thanks, missy. You've encouraged me. As you know, I'm treading on new turf with abstracts.
This one, I didn't have any plan. I got out the canvas and said, "Lord, give me what you want here."
And, there it was.
Thanks again!

TimD said...

Karen - on my long list of things I want to do when I have time ... was an entry to look at your stuff. Last night at about midnight I had a moment to take in some of your expressions, here. What I don't know about "art" ... is everything. What I do know ... is about that which is moving because it is sincere, expressive, & artistic.

I really like your stuff ...
I love this. -- td

karen said...

Tim, you made my day. Thank you.
As I told Missy...I'm treading on new turf. I'm used to working for clients, painting just what they want. I love that, making people happy. But, I like doing this because I think it pleases Him.